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Keeping in Touch

When we sent out the email to launch RUG our web hosts shut down our sites.  So many emails bounced back, they suspected a cyber nasty.  This was dramatic, but it was not the only issue.  One surprised teacher found out we had sent her information she’d wanted, but it did not get beyond her school office.  Another realised we had fixed a problem a couple of years ago – she did not get the message.  We have made extensive use of videos to show you how to use Roamer – only to find out that many security and firewalls block your access.

To get the most from the Roamer User Group you need access to our website and we need email communication with you.  The diversity of security set-ups makes this a complicated problem.  We present you with our communication policies and some advice on what you can do to maximise your RUG experience without compromising your security.

Email Communication

We will:

  1. Email you with news we think will interest you or help you use Roamer®
  2. Send you news of special offers or freebies
  3. Not bombard with sales literature
  4. Send you the occasional piece of sales literature (you can opt out of this)
  5. Not sell or give your email or other contact information to any other organisation

You Must

  1. Use an email address where you control the safe senders list
  2. If you change schools make sure you update your RUG Profile
  3. Ask your office to make sure they accept emails to your school and pass them to you and other RUG Members
  4. Tell us about any specific issues you may have – we will try to find a work around


We use You Tube and Vimeo videos embedded into our web pages in a way that mitigates some of the issues related to those sites:

  1. Most of the videos are for teachers not students
  2. We embed the videos into the web pages; you do not visit YouTube or Vimeo sites
  3. We use Vimeo where we can – this avoids advertisements
  4. At the end of the video we try to rewind and avoid related videos

You Must Do One of the Following

  1. Talk to your support services and try persuade them to let the video play
  2. Watch the video outside school
  3. Watch them on your mobile
  4. Download them and run them from a hard drive or a memory stick
    1. You download them from You Tube or Vimeo
    2. Note the free software will capture videos for you
  5. Tell us about any specific issues you may have – we will try to find a work around

Social Media

Security often blocks Facebook, twitter, Google+… all the usual suspects that we use to forge and keep personal relationships.  In these situations all you do is use personal technology to gain access.

Communication with Valiant

We aim to provide you the best possible support and service.  Murphy’s Law dooms us to the occasional failure.  Please feel free to communicate with us using the following ‘goodold fashioned methods”:

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8673 2233


For a list of our dealers in the USA and other countries please go to contacts.

Communicating via the Website 

We welcome comments to any of the blogs.  Please note:

  1. We do moderate all comments
  2. We reserve the right to remove any that are defamatory or abusive.


We welcome you contributions

  1. Where possible send them by using the Friends of Roamer forms
  2. Ensure you have copyright and permissions to cover your contributions
  3. If you submit videos or pictures which include students ensure you have formal permissions of:
    1. Your school
    2. The student’s parents
    3. The students

Comments on this Page

We welcome comments and suggestions to help improve our communication with you.


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