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RoAD is not the only way you can contribute to the Roamer Community.  Our aim is to provide the means for teachers to share Roamer resources and experiences.  We know you are busy.  Helping is not a matter of doing lots of extra work.  In most cases it is simple telling us what you have done.  Better still perhaps, get your students to tell us what they have been doing or send us samples of their work.  Check through the list below to find what ways that can be helpful.


Your Experience of the Existing Library Activities

Add Curriculum Links

Improve the Search Engine

Send In Your Activities

Perhaps you have created an activity. Why not send us information

Activity Ideas

Articles for the GO Magazine

Videos for You Tube and the Roamer Podcast

Engage in the Research Surveys Research Surveys

Photos and Photo Stories

Showcase your work.  Tell us your story in pictures or simply send in pictures of you using Roamer.  This can be a great activity for your students.  Get them to write the story, get them to take the pictures.  We will happily publish their work.

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