Roamer Staff Room
A Place for Roamer Users to Meet

Images for Roamer's Clear Grid Mat and Line

Image Downloads and Tools to Make Images for Roamer Mats
Roamer Clear Grid Mat and Grid Line offer a simple way to make interesting learning environments for children to explore. You do this by placing images in the various cells of the mat and line products. You might find these free images and the picture-making-tool useful.

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Handwriting Infant K1 Roamer Programs

Symbols to Use When Writing Roamer Programs

Roamer does not have a screen.  A knee-jerk reaction is this is a problem, but it can become an advantage.  Students handwritten code is a record of their thinking (bugs and all).  How should you write the symbols.  This download suggests a system.  Print the documents and hand them to the students.

Roamer Seasonal Songs

Roamer Christmas Song Book

Season’s Greetings from Roamer and friends.  An opportunity for Roamer to join in the holiday festivities.  Do you have some Roamer code for more carols?  Use the Friend of Roamer forms and we will add them to the Song Book!

Roamer ScratchX Blocks

Access Combined Roamer and Roamer ScratchX Commands

Roamer and Roamer ScratchX projects often need commands  (blocks) that are a combination of regular Scratch commands and Roamer ScratchX commands.  The Activity Library contains Roamer Scratch Activities which will include the combined commands necessary for the activity.  However, if you are creating a Roamer ScratchX project you might want some you can add some off the commands listed here directly into you project. Continue reading

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